Assorted Projects & Features

Contributions to PIG Quarterly Magazine - Summer 2013.



I contributed a flag to the Plant (Y)our Flag show at Belgian design Studio Mirror Mirror. To mark the occasion of moving to a new studio they invited artists such as myself, Jordy van den Nieuwendijk, Hort, Stefan Marx and others to design their own flags. My flag is an abstract ode to DJ Khaled, laced with his incredible and ridiculous quotes and tweets. 




Library Paper 03 Feature. 2013.



Blend gave me free reign over one spread of their magazine for 5 issues. The result is Perspectives & Dimensions, a public service from them-thangs.com. I used the space to present a curated series of events, things, places and phenomenons connected by an unwritten and subjective theme. 





Remember Paper 2011 - I added treatments and graphic elements to longtime collaborator Harper Smith Photography for her story in this beautiful edition of Remember Paper.

AVP Hotel - Catch the Wind. 2011.  I was invited by my friend Jessice from AVP Hotel. The hotel, located in the historic Le Panier district of Marsielle invites a cast of international artists to conceptually transform each room based on a theme of their own choosing. Catch the wind was a mellow, rustic room that smelled of sage and palo santo, inviting the guest to be here now and soak up the vibes, man. I created collages and paintings to fill the walls, and there was even a small nook with a record player and a crate of hand selected LPs.

Assorted Shirts: Blood is the New Black. Fresh Jive. Etc.