Gracht Beer

As we sat on the steps of our Herengracht office one summer afternoon we had a (crazy?) idea; what if you brewed beer with canal water, I mean it's not that dirty... right? The thought was disgusting, and intriguing, so we partnered with Henrietta Waal and Mediamatic to find out if it was possible. After a series of trials and errors we ended up with Gracht Unreasonable Pale Ale. A bitter yet delicious summer brew made with the finest canal water collected from Herengracht 551 and brewed on-site at Mediamatic. 

My Role: Creative + Art Direction


We had a release party and boxed them up for our friends around Amsterdam. It was picked up by Vice Munchies and other local outlets.



Agency: Anomaly

Year: 2016

Executive Creative Directors: Martin Peters Ginsborg & Lars Jorgensen

Creatives: Justin Blyth Gabe Jaffe, Guillaume Roukhomovsky, Gilles Suprin

Design: Andy McAlpine